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The O Shit Handle® (50 Pack)

The O Shit Handle® (50 Pack)

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The O Shit Handle® is a Must-Have for any Serious Driver.... or scared passenger.

  • Our Grips are EXTREMELY DURABLE and Made from High Quality Wetsuit Material
  • New Vehicle? No Problem! Our Velcro Enclosure makes it EASY to Install and Transfer to other Vehicles leaving No Damage!
  • Each vehicle is different. Some manufacturers install 1 handle in the front, others install 2 for both Driver and Passenger. Typically, there will be 1 per Door or Row for all Rear Passengers

Makes The Perfect Gift for Family, Friends or even Yourself!

Our Super Soft Grips measure 4.63" W x 4.75” L with a 0.25” thickness  which makes them nearly Universal.  Our Grips may not fit aftermarket grab handles.


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